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In June 2014, Jule Hazou founded Glaze Donuts in New Milford, New Jersey.  Glaze Donuts pioneered artisan donuts in the marketplace. Having accomplished his goal of successfully building and operating this groundbreaking brand, he decided to sell the operation in 2020 in pursuit of an even sweeter dream…Bourbon Street Beignet.


Bourbon Street Beignet was created to bring The Sweet Taste of New Orleans ™ to you. A place to get away, relax, and enjoy authentic beignets, fresh-baked croissants, and other baked goods with a wonderful cup of coffee, or a traditional New Orleans-style café au lait made with chicory coffee.


All our baked goods are made fresh on-premises, and we are committed to using the finest ingredients possible. Our dough is made from clean, unbleached, unbromated flour. We source Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans from small growers around the world, ensuring they are produced ethically and responsibly.


So, what is a beignet (ben-yay) anyway? This iconic New Orleans treat is made from choux pastry dough that is fried to a light and puffy golden perfection and topped with a generous dusting of powdered sugar. They are best enjoyed warm…and with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee!


We are thrilled to share this New Orleans specialty…and the sweet spirit and soul of New Orleans, with all of you.


From our family to yours…welcome, and bon appétit!

Customers often ask if I am from New Orleans.  They are shocked when I tell them I grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey.  The second question that follows; You must like New Orleans?  Again, they are shocked to hear I have never been there!  So why am I telling you this?  There are several reasons why we chose to open a beignet cafe.   The main purpose is to inspire anyone who wants to start a business.  If you wholeheartedly believe in your dream, I say go for it.  "The biggest risk is not taking one".  But we strongly recommend that you do your homework.  Secondly, we wanted to do what was never done North of the Mississippi.  The challenge is to make beignets as a staple dessert. Thirdly, it is to introduce this delicate and fun pastry to everyone.

My son Robert and I established Bourbon Street Beignet in the year 2020 during the heart of the Pandemic.  We faced many challenges not limited to construction delays, supply issues, labor shortage, and tremendous price increases.   Perseverance and commitment allowed us to open successfully.  We know no matter what, people's desire for comfort food is always welcomed!   


At Bourbon Street Beignet, we are committed to serving quality foods and beverages.  The Company has seen tremendous success due to our commitment to quality.  Customers talk and we listen!  Bourbon Street Beignet has morphed into becoming a Brunch Cafe. 

You will always be able to order "hot fresh to order beignets", and now we expanded our menu to include an American breakfast and lunch menu with a hint of New Orleans flavors.

We want you to enjoy your experience at Bourbon Street Beignet Let us know your opinion.


Thank you.

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